Special Purpose

Monitoring and maintaining critical environments is essential in tightly controlled indoor areas. AirGenuity’s multiplexed system of sampling air remotely and centralized measurement provides the safety and convenience needed to ensure the optimum environment of these inaccessible areas.

Data centres

The byproduct of most data centres is heat. And that means the need for continuous air conditioning to maintain recommended indoor temperature and humidity levels for equipment operating levels. AirGenuity’s OptiNet® system provides accurate environmental sensing and easy interfacing with the building’s automation system to ensure your critical equipment is operating in optimal conditions.

Crime labs

With the combination of many different research lab components in one facility, forensic crime labs have unique design requirements. AirGenuity solutions are a cost-effective approach to ensuring optimal ventilation in an indoor environment that needs to be tightly controlled.

Critical storage

Critical storage of documents, film, artifacts and the like requires precise sensing and control of indoor conditions, including temperature, humidity, and particulates in the air. AirGenuity systems ensure that no matter what you are storing, proper conditions are always maintained by incorporating high-grade and precision instrumentation to monitor and validate these sensitive spaces.