Health Care

With a constantly changing litany of diseases, bacteria, and illnesses that react to changing air conditions, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is mission critical for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The solution: AirGenuity’s Demand Control Ventilation solution. By monitoring crucial IEQ factors 24 hours a day, AirGenuity is able to inform building ventilation control systems in order to facilitate the proper levels of fresh air are always being maintained.

Improving quality & lowering costs

IEQ is the priority, and energy savings are nice to have; health care facilities are single minded in their efforts to provide a comfortable, healing environment for their patients. While this may be priority one, the increase in health care costs has hospital administrators searching for savings wherever possible. That’s where AirGenuity can help. Our solutions can assist health care facility managers to lower energy costs while maintaining a superior quality IEQ.

AirGenuity "Smart Lab" Demand Control Ventilation

In order to maintain optimum ventilation, AirGenuity’s Lab Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system continually and accurately measures airborne contaminants and informs building management controls. Ventilation is reduced when the air is clean resulting in significant amounts of energy and money being saved. And, the ventilation rate is increased when air quality issues are identified until the air is clean again. AirGenuity’s lab DCV solution has successfully been proven in hospital, health research, pharmaceutical, and laboratory facilities.

AirGenuity "Smart Standby" for operating rooms

When in use, operating rooms need tremendous amounts of fresh air. When not in use, reducing the airflow can result in significant energy savings. However, manually turning down the ventilation has the real possibility of compromising air quality. AirGenuity systems automatically adjust ventilation rates based on the actual environmental quality. This keeps the air clean and reduces energy costs.

Intelligence & insight

Actionable information that ensures optimization of building performance and validation of ongoing energy savings is provided through AirGenuity advisor services. With visual reports and analysis, healthcare facility managers can access current and historical information – including IEQ, energy use, flow data, etc. – within hospital and other healthcare facilities.