Higher Education

By constantly monitoring Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of faculty buildings, AirGenuity controls and adjusts for the optimal level of airflow. Energy efficiency and IEQ in classrooms, labs, libraries, and sports complexes is greatly improved with the implementation of AirGenuity systems.

AirGenuity: Passing grade on significant energy efficient measures

Approximately 75% of campus-wide emissions can be traced back to buildings. That’s why they are the logical focus of carbon reduction initiatives. The results of using AirGenuity to safely adjust ventilation rates can be quite revealing: HVAC energy costs can be reduced by 40-60% in laboratories and by 10-30% in non-laboratory facilities. Implementing AirGenuity solutions can be a university’s most effective energy efficiency measure.

Maintains healthy & productive IEQ

AirGenuity positively influences Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) by continuously monitoring the environmental conditions of any given area. This data is used by the building ventilation system to automatically respond to changing conditions. This ensures an environment that is safe, productive and conducive to learning.

Insight & intelligence

Actionable information that ensures optimization of building performance and validation of ongoing energy savings is provided through Aircuity Advisor services. The ongoing monitoring and insightful reporting of AirGenuity give facility managers and environmental health and safety personnel a thorough understanding of the IEQ within their buildings.

LEED® Certification

AirGenuity solutions help you earn Indoor Environmental Quality and energy efficiency points as specified by the Canada Green Building Council. Learn how AirGenuity can assist you in obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for your campus buildings.