About Us

Located in Toronto and servicing all of Ontario, AirGenuity was founded in 2000 as a firm specializing in precision airflow in critical environments. Our foundation was built on experience. In fact, our senior management team has over 35 years of knowledge and experience needed to install the safest, most energy efficient system to controlling a facility’s mission critical ventilation.

AirGenuity has a suite of products and solutions to help you:

Identify energy reduction opportunities


Reduce energy use

Achieve  LEED® certifications


Baseline your building
Provide metrics and trending solutions

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Why AirGenuity

The cost of energy is constantly rising. There is also a growing responsibility to take the crucial steps needed to reduce the environmental footprint of our buildings and commercial facilities. Making the investment to ensure buildings are smart, energy efficient and environmentally responsible has never been greater.

But who do owners of commercial, institutional and lab facilities turn to for reliable ventilation solutions? And who do they turn to for airflow solutions that help ensure their buildings are operating as energy efficiently as possible while increasing occupant safety, comfort and productivity? AirGenuity is the answer.

Because that is what we do.

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AirGenuity efficient solutions

Above all, AirGenuity’s intelligent measurement solutions help you cost-effectively:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure a safe, productive environment for the occupants

Ideal for a wide range of commercial offices, research facilities, academic buildings, hospitals, museums, government buildings, and convention centres. From the smallest school to the largest skyscraper, our solutions are completely scalable to meet any of your needs.