AirGenuity solutions make it possible to initiate “green” measures that lower energy costs while ensuring a workplace environment. For commercial office owners and building managers, that translates into increased occupancy, retention and tenant satisfaction.  

Increase occupancy rates by going “Green”

Being able to promote and advertise your office space as “green” certainly gives you a real competitive edge. Going “green" helps lower energy costs and makes a positive impact on increasing rates of occupancy and retention.

AirGenuity: Healthy Demand Control Ventilation

AirGenuity multiplexed air sampling system with centralized sensors can help you overcome the shortcomings of traditional Demand Control Ventilation (DCV). Optimum ventilation is maintained by accurately measuring CO2 and other airborne contaminants. AirGenuity systems ensure the right amount of ventilation is being provided at the right time – and that means greatly reducing energy expenses.

IEQ = Healthy & productive environments

Aircuity resolves the deficiencies of traditional Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) by implementing a multiplexed air sampling system with centralized sensors. With AirGenuity, the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is being monitored continuously in order to automatically respond to changing conditions. And that means a building that promotes well being for all occupants.

The result? A building that has a healthy and safe environment for tenants and building owners with increased occupancy and retention rates.

LEED® certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification clearly demonstrates to potential occupants that you are fully committed to reducing your building’s environmental impact. AirGenuity is designed to improve a building’s energy performance while enhancing indoor air quality. In this way, AirGenuity can work with you to achieve LEED credits for Indoor Air Quality, Energy and Atmosphere as outlined by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Aircuity advisor for insight and intelligence

Actionable information provided through Aircuity advisor services ensures optimization of a building’s ventilation performance as well as confirmation of continuous energy savings. You can take full advantage of AirGenuity systems’ graphics-based dashboards for succinct visual summaries of energy use and efficiency, and IEQ. It also lets you easily drill down into more detailed reports