Critical Space DCV

The Air Quality Management System remotely takes air samples throughout a building and sends them to the centralized sensor suite. This constant measuring of critical indoor environmental levels is the basis of actionable information used by building ventilation systems to adjust to changing conditions. This results in optimum energy efficiency and increased Indoor Environmental Quality.

Bar-raising architecture

Capture, sense and control… that’s at the very heart of the AQMS system. This ground-breaking system captures air samples from specific building locations and sends these air samples to a centralized suite of sensors. By using a single bank of high quality sensors, the accuracy of the measurements increase while significantly lowering life cycle costs associated with keeping the system accurately calibrated. The sensor data is routed to the building ventilation controls to adjust ventilation rates based on “real time” information.

The issues of remote sensors solved

AirGenuity has solved the issues of traditional sensing systems by using centralized sensors. Analyzing air samples with a single sensor generates a true differential measurement that greatly increases system accuracy. That means higher quality sensors can be deployed to measure more critical parameters that in turn reduces the number of sensors required. A major benefit of this is the lowering of life cycle costs with our cost-effective scheduled calibration service. As a result, you can rely on AirGenuity for accuracy and effectiveness… now and for years to come.