Venturi Air Valves

The Venturi valve has been the corner stone of critical environment control for over 40 years. Its mechanically decoupled pressure Independence ensures changes in duct pressure never compromise air flow. The one second speed of response results in steady face velocity on hoods when sashes move. No airflow sensors reduce maintenance costs and ensures no need for equivalent duct lengths to achieve its 5% of setpoint accuracy. It makes designing a lab, fitting controls into tight spaces and installation easier than ever before. Its impressive 20:1 turn down ensures the maximum energy and carbon savings are achieved in your project.


Our focus on the environment and sustainability made our material selection easy for us. Available in any material as long as it is stainless steel, because it reduces embedded carbon, provides increases strength to weight ratio to ensure a long service life and has a high chemical resistivity and cleanability like glass. Any stainless Steel object is typically constructed of 60% recycled content*, won’t impact ground water and provides high value recycling content to help fund recycling programs in your community. Add to that the benefits of its special properties, which allow for the construction and operation of buildings at a lower cost. The contribution of stainless steel to sustainability is obvious and considerable.


Was there really any other choice?


Stainless steel construction in either 304, 316 or Teflon coated 316.

​✓ More chemically resistant than aluminum.

​✓ Easier to decontaminate.

​✓ Stronger than aluminum.

​✓ No coatings to damage during installation.

Accurate to ±5% of set point over entire capacity range

​✓ Accuracy unaffected by inlet and exit conditions. Does not require minimum straight duct diameters for accurate airflow measurement.

​✓ Each valve is factory characterized to ensure repeatable valve accuracy.

Pressure independent within 0.6" to 3" W.C. (Medium Pressure), or 0.3" to 3" W.C. (Low Pressure)

​​✓ Pressure independence is achieved by a mechanical differential pressure regulator which allows for near instantaneous response to changes in duct static pressure.

​1 second speed of response.

​No requirement for an airflow measuring device in the air stream.

​✓ Removes airflow measurement errors as a result of airborne contamination interfering with airflow measurement.

​Turn down of 20:1 meets ASHRAE minimum ventilation standards while still providing high purge capabilities.

​Available for horizontal or vertical air flows.

Available for Constant Volume & Variable Volume applications.

​Available in fail in last position, fail open, fail closed, upon power failure.