Portfolio Sustainability

Sustainability and good stewardship have taken on significant importance throughout every segment of Canadian business and industry. Businesses are increasingly striving to create and implement a successful sustainability plan that clearly focuses on reducing energy use. This is where AirGenuity can be a major player by introducing energy and cost savings into your facilities… regardless of size or use.

Reduce your carbon footprint with AirGenuity

The fastest way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions is to focus on the largest energy areas with high impact energy efficiency measures. 20% of all primary energy end use in Canada can be directly attributed to commercial buildings. The real eye opener is that 1/3 of this energy consumption is needed to meet HVAC energy requirements. That means the optimization of your building’s ventilation system is far and above one of the most important steps you can take to bring about energy efficiency.

Rapid ROI = Rapid "recycling" of sustainability funds

Funding sustainability initiatives can be difficult because it is too often limited and linked directly to cost savings and return on investment. However, with AirGenuity solutions, energy savings can be quickly realized in order to create a rapid return on initial capital investments. Taking into account the building type and application, ROI rates of AirGenuity systems have ranged between of 20% – 60% and sometimes higher. What that means to you is that with a simple payback period of 2 years or less, you’ll be able to quickly “recycle” your sustainability funds for use on other important carbon reduction measures.