The very nature of work being conducted in research facilities requires proper ventilation needs to be maintained to ensure a safe environment for all occupants. And, the energy consumption of labs must be taken into consideration when planning energy efficiency initiatives. Look to AirGenuity’s Lab DCV solutions to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment while at the same time considerably reducing energy consumption.

Significant energy savings potential

Maintaining 100% fresh air ventilation in a life science facility translates into large amounts of energy being consumed. Since many labs normally have clean air most of the time, facility managers try to reduce energy use by guessing at a lower, fixed air exchange. However, this “guesstimate” often means ventilation rates are too high when air is clean and too low when dilution is required.

Bottom line – lowering the air exchange rate is what should be done; varying the rate based on real-time air quality data is the right way to get it done. That’s how to achieve significant energy savings.

Smart lab Demand Control Ventilation

By implementing a multiplexed air sampling system with centralized sensors, AirGenuity offers a unique solution for Lab Demand Control Ventilation (DCV). Critical indoor parameters are monitored continuously to provide the data input needed to adjust ventilation rates for any given situation. On top of energy savings, environmental health and safety professionals have access to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) information to ensure safety and proper lab protocols are consistently being adhered to.

Low life cycle costs and rapid ROI

Payback timeframes of 2 years or less can be achieved because of the ability of AirGenuity systems to immediately reduce energy consumption in laboratories by 50% or more. What’s more, by taking full advantage of a centralized suite of sensors, life cycle costs to maintain calibration are far less versus many sensors installed throughout a lab facility.

Aircuity advisor for insight & intelligence

Actionable data ensuring building performance optimization and validation of ongoing energy savings is provided through Aircuity advisor services. With in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting, building managers have access to insightful current and historical information – including IEQ, energy use, flow data, etc. – regarding each lab.