Public Assembly

The very nature of spaces used for public assembly such as convention centres, sports facilities, libraries, etc. can pose enormous challenges in maintaining proper environmental controls. AirGenuity’s intelligence can deliver, control and maintain an ideal indoor environment across these widely differing public areas and their multitude of uses.

To solution of dynamic indoor facilities

Balancing the indoor comfort level of multi-purpose facilities can be a real challenge. An arena may host 16,000 enthusiastic basketball fans one night and 7,000 concertgoers the next. Likewise, a conference centre may have a large event followed on the heels of several concurrent smaller functions. It may be the same facility, but the different and changing indoor configurations require substantial changes to environmental controls. With AirGenuity solutions, you can effectively monitor Indoor Environmental Quality and then alert building management systems to adjust HVAC settings for any given condition. So no matter how the building is being used there is always the right amount of airflow to create and maintain a comfortable environment.

Real energy savings start with multi-parameter Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

Airflow needs to reflect people flow. The number of individuals walking through airport terminals, convention centres, hotel ballrooms, etc. is in constant flux. These spaces can be occupied to capacity one moment and completely empty the next. With AirGenuity’s multi-parameter DCV solution, airflow levels are automatically adjusted to maintain the ventilation requirements for any given room. So the right level of fresh air is delivered at the right time. The result is that facilities can enjoy significant energy savings and a greater return on investment.

Better Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for better storage

Providing proper humidity control and IEQ is essential for protecting crucial documents and artifacts. That’s why it so important for buildings such as libraries, museums and archives to take advantage of AirGenuity’s multiplexed air-sampling system. With centralized monitoring sensors, airflow can be adjusted as needed to maintain a protective and dry indoor environment at all times.

Aircuity Advisor for intelligence and insight

Actionable information provided through Aircuity Advisor ensures optimization of a building’s ventilation performance as well as confirmation of continuous energy savings. You can take full advantage of AirGenuity systems’ graphics-based dashboards for succinct visual summaries of energy use and efficiency, and IEQ. It also lets you easily drill down into more detailed reports.